HP N40L + Rosewill RSV-S8

  • I have run many different operating systems (Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian, etc) looking for the best one for my file servers. My favorite is OpenMediaVault. With my setup, it easily maxes out the gigabit connection, can serve movies/music/pictures (via DLNA and Samba) to every device in my house at once, and is my print server.

    HP MicroServer N40L
    Rosewill RSV-S8
    13 hard drives - 15.2 TB 8)

    My N40L came with two gigs of ram but I may upgrade to the maximum eight gigs soon. I have four Samsung F4 2 TB drives in RAID 10 in the bays and a 2.5" WD Scorpio Black for the OS in the 5 1/4" bay. I also flashed the MicroServer with a modified bios to allow the fifth bay and rear E-SATA (non-port multiplier) to run at full speed instead of the crippled speed in the standard bios.

    I have one slot filled with a dual E-SATA port mulitplier card to connect the RSV-S8. I also flashed this card with the non-RAID firmware from Silicon Image's web site. The RAID firmware has numerous issues from reviews I read and I wanted to use OMV software RAID anyway.

    I have two 2 TB drives, two 1 TB drives , two 750 GB drives, and one 500 GB drive in the RSV-S8.

    My old username and posts were deleted :( So, I am adding this from the old forum.

    omv 5.5.12 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.4.2
    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

    Please read this before posting a question.
    Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!

  • European users, be happy : you can find hardware like the Rosewill RSV-S8 in Europe ! :)

    Hardware is exactly the same, just the brand has changed :

    - Sharkoon 8-Bay RAID-Station (available on amazon.de, just ordered mine yesterday)
    - Chyangfun CFI-B8283JD (available at lintix.com)

    Those two models are exactly the same, with 1x eSATA and 1x USB 3.0, just brand change. If you want exact Rosewill RSV-S8 with 2 eSATA, check the Chyangfun CFI-B8283ER (also on linitx.com).

    Hope this can be usefull for guys looking for these ;)

  • I just got myself a N40L as well. Great little unit. Regarding the RSV-S8, I hadn't even considered what I would do to expand the storage when the time comes, but now I know.

    Was kind of surprised to see just how many other users had this series of microserver, but given the price and features of these units, they're hard to pass up.

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