Low cost NAS

  • I'm a little bit afraid posting my NAS Hardware after reading about 32GB RAM, Double RAID5 Systems and stuff like this... ;)

    BUT...as it started as a "reactivate old Hardware/give it a try" project I'm now glad that it worked so simple, easy and cheap :D

    I got an old Asus Pundit R 350 from a customer and thought what to do with it. So I looked into my "old stuff boxes" and "upgraded" it with a P4 2,8GHz HT CPU and 1GB RAM.
    As the Pundit has only a single IDE Port I bought a SATA-PCI-Controller for storage and for the system a 8GB-CF-Card and a CF-IDE-Adapter.

    After the testing phase I will replace the 640GB HDD and put 2 1TB HDD's RAID1 into it.

    So I got a cost and energy efficient NAS that fit my needs (and only runs when I'm awake). :D

    Big THANKS to OMV :!::!::!:

  • Quote from "KM0201"

    Not bad...

    What's the lifespan on writes for a CF card?

    Up to 2 Million... hopefully ;)


    You'll probably have issues with the CF. Hopefully you have an old ide drive laying about. Don't worry about hardware and we like pics. I'll try to post my miniOMV when I get a chance.

    When PYload is up and running I'll make an image of the CF onto a IDE-HDD only if Transcend has another idea of "lifetime-guarantee" ;) Pics will follow...

    By the way, is there any "easy"-way of backing-up the systemdrive in a cron-job?

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