German Readers: NAS für alle Fälle (c't-Schwerpunkt im aktuellen Heft)

  • Hi zusammen!

    Wer es noch nicht gesehen hat:…d-einrichten-2737322.html…he-NAS-Boxen-2737328.html…-Alternative-2737364.html…-Datenmengen-2737387.html…ten-fuer-NAS-2737380.html

    Kein OMV im Artikel. Es wird als Beispiel für ein Selbstbau-NAS (Microserver G8) MS Server Essentials 2012 R2, FreeNAS und (nicht ganz ernst gemeint) Xpenology verwendet.

    Im Text wird mehrfach auf die Vorzüge von ZFS und btrfs hingewiesen.

  • If someone does not mention OMV in building a self built NAS they are either getting money from FreeNAS or they are idiots. OMV kicks FreeNAS in the ass in many respects. I watch setup videos on Youtube of FreeNAS and just laugh.

    Microsoft's bullshit does not even contend. They gave up on the home server market and their lack of plugins blows.

  • Kommt auf die Ansprüche an. Der Server von MS bietet einfache Client-Backups. Und nicht jeder gebraucht Plugins, sondern nur einen Fileserver.

    Soweit ich weiß, bietet OMV nach wie vor weder von Volker bereitgestelltes ZFS oder brtfs. Das ist halt ein guter Punkt.

    FreeNAS wird bei c't seit Jahren Produktiv eingesetzt. Die kennen das System gut.

  • OMV does have ZFS... And here it depends on what market is your focus, a commercial market or home user. For home use you do not really need ZFS or BTRFS.. These are overkill for most home users. Also, I think we will eventually have BTRFS.

    If you look at the base of FreeNAS and OMV, FreeBSD and Debian respectively. FreeBSD sucks in my opinion and that is the biggest problem with FreeNAS.

    The only area where I feel OMV lacks is encryption. Even some home users would like encryption.

    MSFT Essentials, yeah go do that. You will end up feeling used and abused. A lot less cash in your pocket as well. I do not want to build a NAS just for backups.

  • OMG, there are many already on forum. Maybe in development section. Nic and Miras did lots of work on this.

    T-A-Z, are you running ZFS??? If you are give him a screenshot.

    What do you think these repos are for??? See pic.... ****WARNING**** ZFS should not be used by inexperienced users. ****WARNING****

  • I like you Dennis. But I've heard enough of FreeNAS. I am not trying to be nice, accomodating or charming. I am just saying what I believe. And I believe OMV is the better product for the home user. People are free to debate it with me.

    One more thing, these leeches that promote products just for the sake of money can eff off.

  • Well, it is just one example for a homebuild NAS software, others like nas4free, Nexenta Community Edition, Rockstor etc are also not mentioned, and some of these do have ZFS.

    It is also mentioned that ZFS needs a lot of (ECC) memory, which means server hardware. Running ZFS on normal PC hardware with little ram, eg when converting an old pc into a file server, might actually have the opposite effect of increased data protection, at least that is what people will tell you in the freenas forum.

  • Don't know, I just read ct ;-)

    Yes, it was bit poor that just freenas got mentioned, especially as the other two weren't really alternatives, WHS costing a lot of money and the other being proprietory software from synology...

  • Well, ct apparently reacted to the letter of a reader and wrote an small article in the current edition (17/15)

    Summary: The strength of OMV is that it is a solid debian-based NAS-Distribution that does not just want to impress with fancy with bells and whistles.

  • That is crazy.

    BTW- Thanks for you comments AutohausIT.

    Statt dem "geklauten NAS" von Synology hätte ich mir die Erwähnung von OpenMediaVault gewünscht. Das Open-Source Projekt von Volker Theile aus Fellbach basiert auf dem stabilen Debian und lässt sich ebenfalls über ein Webinterface bedienen. Ich empfinde die Bedienung übersichtlicher als das aktuelle DSM von Synology. Vom Funktionsumfang muss es sich ebenfalls nicht hinter den anderen Kandidaten verstecken.
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