Is it possible to install GNOME after OMV installation?

  • Hello everbody,

    Is it possible to install GNOME after OMV 2.x installation? I followed the guide to install OMV after Debian Wheezy but when i updated "Iceweasel" today everything got removed.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards.

  • Hi,

    nothing special but for me it is easier to work with a GUI than cli when i want to install software which is not available for OMV.
    But i'll follow your advise if you say not a good idea. My "old" OMV works perfect now. I am on the way to build up a new system but it takes always a lot of time to read all the manuals to install the software i want. Not many tools i install but it's enough for me :)
    Now i case of OMV it is easy.
    So yeah i'll leave it and go with cli if needed and rtfm :P

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