Ext4 partition gone! Help!

  • I managed to erase one of my harddrives during a test install of Synology/Xpenology DSM. It wrote Ext4 partition over my HDD data drive.
    I used 1 SSD for system disc during install, + 1 3TB HDD. Both discs got formatted.
    I was just going to test DSM and I have already returned to OMW because I like it better.

    I have tested
    Testdisk - no results.
    UFS Recovery Pro - no results.
    EaseUS recovery - no results.

    Ext4 partition seem completely overwritten by DSM ext4. But the files should be there, why cant any of these software find it?

    Any suggestions of how I should proceed to try and recover my files?

    All help is appreciated.

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