Domain join plugin

  • Hi
    i have tried to join my omv to my 2012R2 active directory several times,
    and i am not glad to say - i have failed every time.
    i have a hard time around linux - i admit it

    isn't there any plugin or script that will make the domain join more friendly \ automatic?
    there's must be a way to make this process easier

    thanks in advance guys

  • Try this.....not a plugin but an accurate guide

    <a href="">Guide how to Join OpenMediaVault to a Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory Domain whitout ldap plugin.

    <a href="">Connect OpenMediaVault to an Windows Server 2012R2 AD/LDAP</a>

    thanks for your reply.
    i already tried following this guide before creating this post.
    i seem to have failed somewhere along the way and i don't where.

    thanks a lot anyway

  • Hi

    I'm using a new method to join omv in a domain without using a LDAP server. It seems to work well and it is rather well documented in samba. Most users seem to use the RID backend. I prefer rfc2307.

    Anyway, this is rather easy.

    @abivarilan : the guide to join a windows 2012 ad is rather simple. My method is mostly the same.

    Are you able to read French ? I wrote my method in my own wiki, and I m lacking time to rewrite it here (in English) for now.…tager_via_CIFS/SMB_et_NFS
    This should work for windows AD and samba AD.

    If there is a good documentation about writing a plugin maybe I will find time to do it. I need help to do this.

    My wiki :

    = latest setup =
    proxmox VE 6 hypervisor on a J1900 CPU + 8GB RAM
    guests : OpenWRT (VM), OMV 5 (VM), Samba 4 domain controller (LXC)
    OMV alive since 2011 I guess : never crashed, always upgraded : stronger than my hard drives.

    Searching for a P2P online storage solution : must be open source, client side encrypted, quota supprt. Tahoe LAFS is the nearest, but is lacking quota. Would be perfect to build a OMV based, anonymous online storage for backups

  • Thanks a lot.
    unfortunately i didnt manage to get this working for me
    but thanks for your help indeed

  • Hello avibarilan,

    I've updated the document to version v2.0

    "Guide how to Join OpenMediaVault to a Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory Domain without ldap plugin"

    Please try it again, it should work



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