Backup to a hotplug sata disk

  • Hi.

    Hopefully somebody can help. I want to backup some shares from my data-disk to a backup-disk. The backup-disk is normaly stored in a safe place. So I want to connect this disk via a hotplug sata port.

    When I plug in the disk I can see it within the real disks as "sdd". But how can I make a backup of several shares on it? Without creating each share on the backup-disk first?

    I tried USB Backup but I can not see the disk within it. When I go to "add" the field with the external disks is empty.

    So what I want is to backup share 1/2/3 to another disk that I can remove after the backup to store it back in safe place.

    Thanks a lot. Regards lulu

  • I can think of two ways of doing it…

    1) Use a USB enclosure, permanently install the hard drive there and use the USB backup plugin (this is what I do with my backups)
    2) Rsync from the data drive to the backup drive running an rsync command every time you plug the drive.

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