Help to find the best samba driven directories structure

  • Hi,

    I'm installing a new OMV nas for a friend, and I have to decide about the way data will be stored.
    It has to be user-friendly, and completly transparent for beginners user (no SSH, no FTP, ... only windows samba shares)

    The NAS is build of 1x SSD 256GB and 4x HDD 3TB.
    I partionned the SSD to a 30GB system partition (OMV_OS), and the remain space to another partition (OMV_DATA)
    OMV_DATA partition is used mainly for Deluge/PyLoad downloading and seeding directory, and temporary folder.
    Each HDD have only one big partition.

    My main concern is about file copy between downlad folder and target directory (movie, tvshows...)
    I need to find a way to achieve server side copy, because my friend use only WiFi on his laptop, so copying a 10GB movie take a loooong time (3MB/s)
    From my understanding, server-side copy works only if source and target are located under the same samba share.

    So I though about something like this:

    As OMV_DATA is limited in space, I need to use symlinks or Greyhole to move files in the big drives.

    • So is using only one smb share [DATA] could allow me server-side copy in that case?
    • I will need to declare a share folder for each subdirectories (with privileges and permissions)
    • Then create a samba share for [DATA] and each of its subfolder ([VIDEOS], [PICTURES]...) as greyhole landing zone need to be samba shares.
    • Only [DATA] will be browsable
    • but... will it works? How samba deals with share containings share?


  • Setup some rsync jobs and have your friend log into the web interface and manually run them.

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  • I just made a quick test.
    samba overrides sub-folder privileges.
    My [DATA] share has Read/Write privileges for all users, and [Videos] only Read.

    When I access videos folder via \\OMV\DATA\Videos, I can make write operations!
    But using \\OMV\Videos, only read permissions.

    So sharing the whole [DATA] folder is dangerous.
    Maybe make it hidden, just for maintenance stuffs...

  • Thats the problem with sharing subfolders... and it confuses many users.

    I'd suggest to not share subdirectories differently. I'd rather setup multiple folders and share them individually, and a "/" share for the admin.

    Oh and also use rsync or something like that the way aaron suggested to sync the movies/tv ahows.... but feluge should have some options for it... or use filebot for it...


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  • ok, thanks for the response.
    I think I will go with a "/" share to the admin.

    I'll also investigate JDownloader and see if there is a plugin to move completed downloads to another folder, according to user defined tags (like utorrent)

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