Which 4TB HDD?

  • I'm planning to upgrade my 4x 1Tb WD Greens to 3x 4TB storage. From what I read, the WD Reds seems a logical choice. I'm open to suggestions and am considering for now: WD Green (EUR 145), Wd Red (EUR 165), Toshiba HDD 3,5" 4TB MD04ACA400 (EUR 120) and HGST Deskstar NAS (EUR 170). Any risk in just buying the cheapest (quite some variation)? Will be RAID5 storage, moderate use.

    Thanks, Ralph

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  • I would go for the RED or for the HGST as they are NAS products (designed for 24/7 operations). I would also consider the guarantee period. NAS drives usually have 3 or 5 years guarantee vs. 1 or 2 years for desktop drives

    If you google around you will find that the Green drives for example are not recommended for NAS application as they tend to park the head too soon to save power causing excessive wear.

  • I have three WD 3TB reds in my OMV. Looking at the prices you posted, I would take the HGSTs as from what I have read their failure rate is lower.

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