USB Backup Plugin - Backup all shares in one job

  • Hi,
    first off great community here and OMV itself is great too.

    Now to my question:
    I would like to backup all my shares on a usb drive, unfortunaly i can only select single shares. I googled a lot and found out that it can be accomplished by making a new share which contains all of the other shares as symbolic links. Is this the corect way? If yes than how should i make the links?

    I belive backing up all shares is a case which occures often, maybe the plugin should have another selectable in the dropdown menu which says "All Shares" for backup.

    I hope someone can help me thx.

  • Hi me again, i hope someone can tell me why no one is awnsering, did i do something wrong? Are there some rules i ignored?

  • You did nothing wrong. It is still Summer and some of us (mods) have personal things going on. I try to look at this later if no one else responds.

    I don't know if you know how to use symlinks. Easiest way is to create one shared folder and name it something like backup. Then create symlinks for all the shares you want to backup for that backup folder. You can then use a Rsync job to backup the shared folder with -L option. The -L option follows symlinks and backups everything in the linked shares. I believe the usb backup uses Rsync and you can use the -L option in the extra options field. You just have to make the correct symlinks in the backup shared folder.

    example shares:

    Setup symlinks:
    cd /media/UUID3/backup
    ln -s /media/UUID1/share1 share1
    ln -s /media/UUID1/share1 share2
    ln -s /media/UUID2/share3 share3

    Then setup your usb backup job with the -L option in the extra option field.
    You will use the backup shared folder to the external drive.

  • That worked perfektly. I have one more question, i dunno whether i should start a new thread for that, if so pls tell me.

    So during the backup i realised i connected a ntfs drive. So i googled whether thats ok for rsync. I found out that there is a problem ntfs seems to keep time in even seconds , while linux is more precise, so when syncing a lot of data is falsly copied again.

    So one should add --modify-window=1 "This command tells rsync to ignore filechanges that are only 1 second in difference from the original."

    The question is should i add this comand? Or is it perhaps alrdy done by omv when it realizied its a ntfs filesystem?

    I would like the drive to stay on ntfs, because incase of emergeny i can quickly start using data fom the external hdd on my primary windows pc.

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