Help with ethtool WOL a.s.o.

  • Hello experts,

    i tried to use the WOL option but the Manual referenced for ethtool in the GUI is of no help for me - a total *-nix newbie ....


    my problem - i don't have any idea how to use the WOL settings - like m (my guess a magic password pattern)
    and in my bios i can only set wake on PCIE/PCI - but no other parameters - so for every round robin or broadcast call
    from the router the system wakes up ....

    so please can you tell me how to use nettool because i am quite ?(

    cheers ahab666
    the system starts ....

  • @subzero79

    An Asus Z97 C ... uefi bios ... settings APM for PCI-E/PCI there are only 2 settings - activated and not activatet ....

    if activated it will start with any kind of network traffic - so router-broadcasts start the pc - even if there is nothing to do for it ....

  • @subzero79

    makes no difference at all - so i wondered what the

    Supports Wake-on: pumbg
    Wake-on: g

    means and how i can tell the network-card (on board or else) only to switch on the comnputer if there is a magic packet received rather than any kind of packet ....

    cheers - ahab

  • @gderf

    thx for the link - altering the biossettings did not solve my problem but as the guy in your first link replied ... not really obvious -

    network stack in bios meant booting an OS via the network (at least in the old days)

    now i just need to find a wol tool for windows that works - somehow the router or the switches seem to block the wol packages ...

    cheers - ahab666

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