Saving Vmware Os's

  • If you are using the free version of ESXi then your only option is to shutdown the VM and export the VM as an OVA or OVF. You could also use the file browser to download the folder of the VM to keep a backup. I assume you are using the free version as a licensed version is not cheap. If you are trying to backup the guest OS then it should not be an issue. Can you tell us what you are trying to do?

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  • I run Vm Workstation 11 as Server on my omv and localy at my win pc. Its possible run both ways. I can run the vm local at my win pc and only load/save the vm over smb from/to the omv 100% equal to a local hdd. And i can run the vm at the omv box and only connect remotly whit the "connect to a remote server" feature.

  • Let me make sure I understand correctly. You have a share that is SMB enabled on OMV. You are copying the VM from your Win PC to the share on OMV. What method are you using to do that? You use VMWare Workstation on OMV via a desktop client such as Gnome or XFCE? What do you mean by "connect to a remote server" ?

    ShadowZero -- OMV Fan since 0.3

  • shadowzero im not the thread starter but i try to give him a advice.

    But yes for what you ask:
    i have a smb share enabled on my omv. I create the vm at my win pc and copied it to share.

    I use 2 differnt ways but everyone is independ.

    1. I work whit my local win7 workstation Installation and the vm run localy but the vm files stay at the omv share

    2. i installed a second Workstation at the omv as headless server and the vm runs there but i can connect or edit this vm from and whit my local Workstation Installation. (or VNC. Temaviewer ect.)

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