USB Backup Plugin - Backup to NTFS Drive

  • Recently i made my first backup with usb backup plugin. So during the backup i realised i connected a ntfs drive. So i googled whether thats ok for rsync.

    I found out that there is a problem ntfs seems to keep time in even seconds , while linux is more precise, so when syncing a lot of data is falsly copied again.
    So one should add --modify-window=1 "This command tells rsync to ignore filechanges that are only 1 second in difference from the original."

    The question is should i add this comand? Or is it perhaps alrdy done by omv when it realizied its a ntfs filesystem?

    I would like the drive to stay on ntfs, because incase of emergeny i can quickly start using data fom the external hdd on my primary windows pc.

  • Thx for answering, can u elaborate a little more tekkb?

    Are there people here who perhaps also use ntfs drives for backup who could voice there thoughts here?

  • I sync a directory on my server to a usb stick that is formatted fat32 all the time. I use the usb stick to fix windows systems so it has to be fat32 or ntfs. A native filesystem (ext4, xfs, etc) will allow better permissions and linux compatibility as you have found. I wouldn't use ntfs for backup. If you need to access a native linux filesystem from your Windows PC, you could always boot a live linux distro on it.

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