Excessive disk write activity

  • I've been running OMV (now on 2.1.11) for a while with no problems. I put in a new data drive (WD Red 3TB) last week and i'm noticing some strange disk write activity.

    First I noticed that the disk activity light was constantly flashing (about twice per second) on the new drive, it's off on the old data drive.

    Investigating, I ran sudo iotop -o and noticed that the total disk write is ~2000K/s even when there are no processes listed making any disk writes. I've run the same command on 3 other computers runnung Arch Linux and can't replicate that behaviour, they all show 0 total disk write when there are no processes listed.

    I'm not aware of any way isolating iotop to a single drive but iostat can.
    Running iostat /dev/sda -d 2 I get that 4-6MB is written every 2 seconds to the drive in question. In comparison, the old data drive was always 0 writes and the os drive wrote 20-60K every 5-6 seconds which i guess is the logging.

    I can't understand why there would be 2MB written to the drive every second yet no processes are listed in iotop.

    Could it be a faulty drive or something wrong with the setup? Any ideas?

    I'm worried that the excessive writing might affect performance or even shorten the life of the HDD.

    Here is my /etc/fstab if that is any use, the drive in question is UUID: 83e1b9ac-...

  • OK, in the time writing that post the disk activity has stopped!

    Something to do with adding a new disk maybe? It's been on with the same behaviour for a good few days.

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