I can't mount my disks

  • Well I tried mounting the usb to my windows desktop but It asks to format it. Witch means its not accessible and I can't stress test it without formatting it.

  • Well seems like I'm getting some money :P I formatted my device and stress tested it for a couple of hours no errors whatsoever. Well Im not going to putt anymore money in the old hardware that I have right now so I guess I'm going back to xpenology for the time being. To bad we both still don't know what the problem was. O well I'm sure omv will develop further and when I have new hardware in a couple of years maybe I will try again who knows.
    Thanks for the help anyway. Great community you have here.

  • If it were not the usb stick it may be have been an issue with the flash memory plugin.. Did you lose power and are not using battery backup? If you want OMV rock solid a usb stick not the way to go.

  • I'm a poor student so no I don't have a UPS nor do I have to money for a raidcard so I can plug in more hdd's for witch I don't have space in my old pc case. Like I said I may come back to this when I have some money for a new server. But for now I will go back to xpenology where the os is installed on the hdd's anyway I just need the usb for booting the bootloader. At leased this was a good learning experience. Have a nice day.

  • They did some changes to this flash memory plugin and I don't know if this has something to do with the issue. But when you are putting stuff in ram and not writing to disk there is more risk.

    How good are you with linux and gparted ???

    Do you have one data drive that is empty???
    Unplug all data drives except the one that is empty.
    Install OMV on that drive.
    Shutdown system and boot to a gparted ISO.
    Write down information on the swap so you can recreate it. Then delete the swap.
    Shrink the OMV filesystem and partition to like 10 gigs.
    Then created a Data Partition. Leave enough room at the end to recreate the swap.
    Recreate the swap.
    Shutdown and plugin in the rest of your drives.
    Boot up to OMV.
    It will be using one of the data drives as the system drive.
    If you go to the filesystem section you will see your data partition.
    You can create a filesystem if you haven't and mount it.

    Done.... And now you are using a real disk for the OS.

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