OMV 1.16 Kralizec - Update

  • Hi, I had previously OMV 1.11 Kralizec on my NAS (WD MY CLOYD).

    I tried to update OMV 1.11 Kralizec to OMV 2.1 using:
    1) omv-update after that
    2) omv-release-upgrade
    everything seems to be right.
    After rebooting I can't get web gui. I have :
    403 Forbidden
    I can login via putty to root, I see also my data by lan.

    What I should do to login by web gui.

    root@MyCloud:~# cat /etc/debian_version please

    I received an information that : You need to reinstall. You upgraded to Jessie. Can't fix it.

    Now I started my NAS (WD MY CLOUD) with OMV 1.16 Kralizec, what I should do to properly update to OMV 2.1 SB.

    Thanks for help.

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