Autoshutdown / WOL Power saving

  • I am trying to use autoshutdown and WOL to have my OMV computer shutdown when not in use and then power back on whenever anything attempts to access it. (Web config, NFS mount, SAMBA traffic) I am still fairly new to Linux and OMV so I could be overlooking something obvious.

    I installed WOL and refreshed the list so it displays all the devices on my network. I assume this should wake OMV up if any network traffic is generated from any of the listed devices.

    Autoshutdown seems to be working as the computer shuts down when there is no activity. The problem is that the computer doesn't wake up when I try to open the web config or the NFS mounts. What am I missing?


  • WoL need a so called "magic paket" to be sent to the machine, you want to wake up.
    You will need a kind of relay that generates this paket when you try to access via NFS or HTTP to your NAS.
    Or a software on your client, that generates this paket e.g. "wolcmd.exe".

  • So there is no way to have it wake up from any ethernet traffic directed to it? I am using Mint Linux to access the OMV machine. Is there a setting in my router (Asus RT-N56) that can send the wakeup command when it sends traffic to OMV? I am going to have to keep this simple because my kids will be using the OMV computer when I get it working.


  • Thanks,

    I have generated a shell script that I can execute from the desktop that sends a WOL command and then opens a Nemo window to browse the mount point after 10 seconds. I suppose that's about as good as I can get.

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