[SOLVED] filesystem not grow up after add a new disk

  • hello,

    i can't grow the filesystem after add a new disk and grow up the raid with the tab in raid management :)

    Can you help me

    Sorry for my english i am french spoken :)

    thank you

  • So if I understand you well, you could grow the raid in the 'Raid Management' panel, but you can't grow the filesystem in the 'Filesystems' panel.

    Is the 'resize' button grayed out in the 'Filesystems' panel?

  • in the tab of raid management i see my 5 disk, and show me 5.21 terabyte (4*1.5t+1.84t) in raid5 but in the tab filesystem i can see only 3.90 t :(

  • cat /proc/mdstat

    Personalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]
    md0 : active raid5 sdd[5] sda1[0] sdf1[4] sde1[2] sdb1[1]
    5589041664 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [5/5] [UUUUU]

    unused devices: <none>

    mdadm --detail /dev/md0

    Version : 1.2
    Creation Time : Sat Jul 14 16:42:05 2012
    Raid Level : raid5
    Array Size : 5589041664 (5330.13 GiB 5723.18 GB)
    Used Dev Size : 1397260416 (1332.53 GiB 1430.79 GB)
    Raid Devices : 5
    Total Devices : 5
    Persistence : Superblock is persistent

    Update Time : Wed Jul 25 11:34:03 2012
    State : clean
    Active Devices : 5
    Working Devices : 5
    Failed Devices : 0
    Spare Devices : 0

    Layout : left-symmetric
    Chunk Size : 64K

    Name : server.antec.zoolook.be:0
    UUID : 86bac690:4c7e8ded:f6a6a293:7e3dbd08
    Events : 53470

    Number Major Minor RaidDevice State
    5 8 48 0 active sync /dev/sdd
    1 8 17 1 active sync /dev/sdb1
    2 8 65 2 active sync /dev/sde1
    4 8 81 3 active sync /dev/sdf1
    0 8 1 4 active sync /dev/sda1

  • It looks fine. You did not answer one of my previous question: is the 'resize' button grayed out in the 'Filesystems' panel?

    Also what is the ouput of the following command:

    df -lh

    If the size of the filesystem does not match the array size, you can try to grow it with the following command (assuming the filesystem is EXT)

    resize2fs /dev/md0

    But you should be able to do it with the 'resize' button in the 'Filesystems' panel.

  • i did it yet but my filesystem is xfs and i thing that resize2fs is for ext filesystem?

    i had use xfs_growfs and the results is :

    meta-data=/dev/mapper/vg_antec_4_1_5g-vn_anten_4_1_5g isize=256 agcount=32, agsize=32748032 blks
    = sectsz=512 attr=2
    data = bsize=4096 blocks=1047937024, imaxpct=5
    = sunit=16 swidth=48 blks
    naming =version 2 bsize=4096 ascii-ci=0
    log =internal bsize=4096 blocks=511696, version=2
    = sectsz=512 sunit=16 blks, lazy-count=1
    realtime =none extsz=4096 blocks=0, rtextents=0

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