Snapraid & Mhddfs question

  • Guys,

    I've read that one of the requirements of the mentioned setup means not having small files & files that change a lot. I have this Blu-ray collection that I need to back-up to disk thanks to a software package called MakeMKV. It can do a full backup of the disk including all the menus. The problem I foresee is that a blu-ray disk contains many many small files. Obviously these would not change at all but the mere fact that there are so many small files bothers me and I am concerned about the reliability of the file system.

    Should I be concerned about my blu-ray backup integrity with this setup or am I chasing smoke here?


  • Doesn't MakeMKV take a BlueRay or DVD disk as input and deliver a single large .mkv file?

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  • Indeed it does! But I have difficulties playing the 3D movies (MVC) through any player except my mede8er or stereoscopic player. Until something on kodi becomes available, I will have to manage with the Blu-ray structure.

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