My Odroid XU4 build

  • I just received my XU4 this afternoon. I am using it solely for the purpose of openmediavault, but am I reading right that others are also using it as a Plex media Server as well? My Nvidia Shield console was just updated to be used as a Plex Media Server, but I'm having issues (I suspect it may have something to do with the Pi's usb 2 and slower ethernet).

  • I had mine up and running, but was getting slow read/write speeds. I never really got far above 30 MB for either. That was with the samba server enabled. The USB drives are ntfs formatted which is supposed to slow things down a bit, but that is a bit more than I had thought. Going to try Diet-pi with it's samba server to see if there are any differences. I love the options that Omv offer though in terms of power savings.

  • It wouldn't let me edit my previous post so:
    Edit: Diet-pi didn't have enough options. I love having the web interface, so I guess I'm stuck on trying to get the performance I should be getting out of the omv build. Any suggestions are welcome!

  • Did you try an ext4 formatted drive? Did you add any of the samba performance tuning parameters like in these threads:
    Extreme slow samba speeds
    Tunning Samba for more speed
    Write speed to OMV dropping after 1 sec to 10 MB/s

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  • Thanks for responding!! I did not try an ext4 formatted drive as it was previously hooked up to my Windows machine for my Plex Media Server storage.. I'm in the process of moving all of the drive contents to another drive so I can format it as an ext4 drive. But while I'm clearing out enough space to do that, I will try out those options to see if it helps... Thanks!

  • I tried seeing how ftp would perform just to compare speeds, and I was getting 55MB/second. I'm going to call it a night and try again in the morning.

  • I tried seeing how ftp would perform just to compare speeds, and I was getting 55MB/second. I'm going to call it a night and try again in the morning.

    i had write speeds this bad when drive cache was disabled.

    also the cpu governor has heavy impact. Read this:

    I had to read those paragraphs twice. Are you really sure that a Raspi 2 overclocked to 1 GHz is able to transcode for Plex? Or even the Odroid XU4, is it really able to transcode for 2 clients simultaneously? What kind of clients are you using? Could you please confirm this? Or anybody in the forum?

    I can also confirm that odroid xu4 is capable of transcoding 1-2 streams. See my other post http://forum.openmediavault.or…?postID=123427#post123427

    OMV2 on Odroid XU4 with nginx as Reverse Proxy with Let's Encrypt, Plex (with Transcoding), SABnzbd and Tonido Cloud

  • Even my single board android computer (overclocked to 1GHz) was able to transcode 1080p movies with a similar OMV + plex setup. The XU4 board have more cores, faster clock, and twice the ram. It works fine for 2 clients watching movies in formats that it needs to transcode. I havent seen even a single bit of skipping or stuttering.

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