User Permissions and Win access

  • Greetings OMV superusers, i have a quick question.
    I'm new to OMV. I recently completed an OMV (2.1.19 Stoneburner) headless installation on an HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault.
    It was an interesting adventure but It's working. I built a RAID5 on 3 disks, again more fun due to 1 disk having bad sectors and it crashed OMV during RAID build without warning. Anyway, all that's behind me now.

    I'm working on making the system available on my network. I have users created, and I assigned passwords, but I can't see them in the OMV GUI. This is an issue b/c when I try to map a drive to Win, it asks for connection details, username/pw, but it won't take anything.

    The OMV has the icon to show/hide passwords under users but nothing is showing.

    I can't get users and shared folders working correctly. It should not be that hard, what am i doing wrong?
    SMB/CIFS is on, home directories are enabled and viewable.


  • It is a problem if you cannot remember the passwords, omv won't display them, and internally their are hashed for obvious reasons. If you want to have all your users passwords stored you can create a cvs file and use the import function in the users section, a field can be assigned for passwords.

    Also as admin you can reset the passwords for each user.

  • Thank for the response. I only have 2 users set up so I can easily remember the passwords.
    I'm trying to debug why I cannot connect from Windows via a mapped drive. Interestingly, it's working now. The drives map properly and I can see the device now shows up under my 'Network' devices. Something odd going on behind the scenes, but from I've read, you're probably already aware of that. Thx

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