OMV Data Backup on RDX

  • Hi,

    I am working in a small office with 8 people using an old windows server maschine to store our data. As we want to renew our system and improve our backup system, we are searching for a new OS. I am using OMV at home, so my idea was to use OMV with raid 1 for data and second internal raid 1 for backup usage (daily backup using rsnapshot). As a second backup system we currently use several weekly changed RDX-drives connected via USB to have data external as well. With OMV i am not sure how to setup a backup routine with several RDX-drives.
    The system must be easy to use. So is there a way to setup a RDX-Backup where you just have to change the drive and OMV will do the rest? Like changing the drive an monday, making the backup on saturday...? I would prefer if I dont have to change any settings when I am changing the drive.
    I am not sure if i can use the USB-Backup plugin, as it will perform a backup when the drive gets connected.
    I was thinking of using rsync with one task, but how can i mount several changing drives to the same share?

    Maybe someone may have an idea.

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