New day, new problems. This time with Emby...

  • Ok, I sat up Emby a couple of weeks ago.
    since then I have moved a number of folders that was scattered over my network in to a zfs pool on OMV.
    Today I was watching something from Kodi (Emby not involved), while my daughter was watching something else with Emby.
    suddenly OMV crashed completely and I had to restart it.
    And as soon as my daughter restarted her episode it happened again.
    I investigated and it seems like Emby tried to load images from the old folder path. Or communicate with my Minix, that previously had a Emby client installed.

    My question is how Emby could crash OMV at all. And if I should run it on an virtual image rather than on omv directly?

    I have saved syslog for the occasion so I can look into this further. I have also deleted library.db and one more db file and then started Emby again, to get a clean library db...

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