SMART and defective HDDs

  • Hy folks!

    Today i has see, that two of my four HDD has some RAS_READ_ERROR_RATE and SEEK_ERROR_RATE.

    I have four HDD, all 2TB, in RAID5.
    The BAD HDDs with the Errors are two ST2000DL003-9VT166 (Seagate :evil: )
    The good HDDS are WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (Western Digital )

    The Seagates are 1 Year newer than the WDs!

    I have attached 3 pics. "Smart sdb" is a good WD HDD. The other both pics are the Seagates.

    Can anybody say me if this is a critical problem. Should i change the HDDs.

    Many Thanks!

  • Magnetic storage on hard drive is using statistics and heuristics to figure out the information stored magnetically. No reading is 100% perfect, that's why it has built-in correction mechanisms. The values you see here are statistical rates of error of various kind. They are of interest only when they exceed a specific value. Otherwise, it's normal for them to increase and decrease as the drive is working. There is no failure or imminent failure for any of the drives.

  • Hy puterfixer!

    Thanks for the good answer!
    I was just wondering about, that the WD HDDs have zero Errors !!!

    I have test the Seagates with Seatools in a other PC. Seatools say that the drives are good, too!

    many Thanks!

  • I'd be worried why WDs show those as zeroes all the time. At such a high data density (order of gigabytes per square inch), reading errors are bound to happen and the built-in mechanisms will correct them; nevertheless, they should be reported, not hidden just to make the user feel better with his/her choice of a hard drive brand.

  • Hy puterfixer!

    Yes, i know what you mean.
    The System HDD (100GB 2,5") is from Toshiba and has this zeros, too!

    You think its unpossible, that a drive can have zero errors, right?


    >>> I wish you all a happy New Year!! <<<

  • Hi ruby90,

    the issue with S.M.A.R.T is, that it is not smart at all :(.

    The Read Error Rate is a very good example, that the numer does not tell you anything usefull:
    Wikipedia: (Vendor specific raw value.) Stores data related to the rate of hardware read errors that occurred when reading data from a disk surface. The raw value has different structure for different vendors and is often not meaningful as a decimal number.

    A good list of values can be found here with a rough explanation for each. Wherever it says vendor specific raw value, it means you cannot read anything useful from it without the background of what is encoded in there. Obviously WD and Seagate are using it different.…ATA_S.M.A.R.T._attributes

    Everything is possible, sometimes it requires Google to find out how.

  • ruby90, the test tools are all for Windows, so you'll have to connect the drives to a Windows PC to run the tests.

    Toshiba Diagnostic Tool - the Comprehensive Test takes about 2 hours and includes a surface scan.…upport/software-utilities

    Seagate SeaTools: check the Seagate drive in the list, then Basic Tests > Long Generic, or Fix All > Long.…ries/seatools-win-master/ (needs .NET 4.0)

    Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows: run an Extended Test, including the surface test.…groupid=608&sid=3&lang=en

  • Reallocated Sectors Count and Current Pending Sector Count are the ones to really worry about.... if you see those going up, watch out. bad sectors ahoy.

  • Hy guys! Many thanks for all the answers.

    Yesterday is something happened!
    I have watch some video from the server and have save a little Text-File on the Server, than the communication was brocken!
    I have go to my server and have see, that the Active-LEDs by the NAS-Case are operating.
    > But just the Slots with this bad Seagate drives!

    The other both Slots (2x WD HDDs) was just a little bit active.

    Shurely, the mdadm has rebuild the RAID System on the Seagates, after the Seagates has crash ...or something.

    The rebuild has take over the night.
    Today the system runs again. I am very relieved!

    The SMART Logs are show also, that there is something happening with my Seagates.
    (In the Pictures you see the new SMART-Logs!)

    I buy now two new WDs!!!!
    regards, Ruby

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