Write speed to OMV dropping after 1 sec to 10 MB/s

  • Yep, Samba can be strange sometimes with Windows. I won't pretend I understand more than a thin veneer of the network interactions for discovery and such, which is why I just create a link with the static IP address and share and I'm done with it. Sometimes I find it won't browse the top level Samba without first going into a share directory directly.

    Anyway, hopefully it is working well for you now transfer rate/speed wise even if you don't see the samba server listed in the discovered network devices.

  • That's browsing problem is a very common problem. You can find thousands of threads and pages on the internet regarding this. In my experience I've found three causes that you can work on (which my not be your case)

    1) workgroup name different in the server than client
    2) Windows firewall problem. Network being marked as public for example.
    3) another samba server running in the Lan environment. In my case I had a openelec server running the usual samba shares. Had to disable samba in openelec, and restart the omv server, then the network browser started working again.

    Service discovery does nothing against windows because that tab is used for Avahi services and windows uses netbios.

    a way to debug this is always check on the client netbios traffic with tcpdump and wireshark in the client and server

  • I could set up my Network shares. I do not really bother about seeing my server in the Windows Network.
    But thanks for the help!
    None of the three problems match my case...

    ODROID XU4, Seagate Expansion 4TB, Intenso Memory Box 3TB, custom fans, Gig Ethernet

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