Openmediavault 3.x - Important Information!

  • To be honest: yes i have 2

    But here is how i prevent destaster: i frequently backup the OS drive to the data partition. If my OS drive breaks i will use my backup drive with the backup image or i just order a new drive. no drama and no different to using USB sticks (well just the price maybe).

    2 SSD's laying around? I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd. I'm feeling, kind of, poor....
    (I ran into another guy on this forum who had SSD's, in quantity, laying around, doing nothing.)

    With that said, when using USB sticks, a boot drive replacement is a matter of simply plugging a clone into the front panel. Very easy.

    On the other hand, I have to give credit where credit is due. You're one of very few on the forum who has thought about, and has actively planned for, disaster recovery. Don't stop with the boot drive. Give some thought to backing up your data as well. If you look at my signature, I'm using an R-PI for that purpose so it doesn't have to be expensive.
    (As if you're worried about " the cost". )


  • Check from time to time whether the backups are synonymous error-free (I speak from experience)
    It does not help if you create backup files which are flawed for unfathomable reasons

    Yes good point

    External SATA is the magic word :)

    I have 3 Raspberries. 1 of them is lying around unsued, although first generation (dont ask me for any money lying around ;) )
    But i think i am just fine with RAID + OS imaging backup. Seems to be secure enough for me.

  • Yes good point

    I thought of that. Actually, I have 1 working boot drive, 2 clones and an archived image file of the boot drive on one of my clients. (Again, USB sticks are inexpensive.) The archived image file and one of USB clones is a snapshot of a fresh OMV build, after OMV was configured the way I wanted it. They're unused. The other two are my boot drive and the standby. They get the updates, and the daily wear and tear.

    When I have a problem with any of them (USB or SD cards), they get destructively scanned before they're used again. (Errors? In the trash they go.) Beyond that, with my data Rsync'ed to a backup server (the R-PI), even if I lost my entire primary server, nothing is lost. Also, I'm running regular BTRFS scrubs on both servers, looking for silent data corruption.

    As a last bit of insurance, I have a cold, nearly obsolete, 3rd server which is powered off. I bring it up and sync it once every 2 months or so. Since I refuse to risk losing my data, I take backup seriously.

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