SNAPRAID+AUFS Replacing disks

  • Sorry I didn't see your request until now.

  • Just booted to parted magic and as I opened gparted, it showed a warning with GPT partition not fully set up. After I allowed the fix, it showed the empty space. I just grown it and I'm booting into OMV again to see.

    It could be that the clonezilla I used was an old version. This one I used now has only two weeks.

  • Problem solved. Thanks!

    PD: Do you find possible to move the AUFS poolshare to the parity disk?
    PPD: It's normal to have the / folder full of deb packages?
    During the today's update more errors showed while applying the new kernel. Something like no dkmg file or anything.

  • I wouldn't use the parity disk for aufs.

    Your root / folder has .debs in it? How did they get there? No, it isn't normal.

    Exact errors would be helpful. You would probably see dkms errors (or warnings) if you have virtualbox or zfs installed.

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  • Hello, I am replying to this old thread cause I tried to do the same thing (replacing an old drive with a new one).

    So basically my setup is as follows:

    SnapRAID with unionfilesystems on OMV 4.1.11 Arrakis

    5 drives on right now named (not cool) but in a way I can remember. - Can I change the names without killing the raid?

    alpha is sdd(4tb) beta is sdc(3tb) delta is sda(2tb) epsilon (2tb) sde and gama (3tb) sdf.

    My current file system is:

    All my names changed when I remove an old 30gb SSD and moved to a new one 240gb. My new names (if I can change them) would be size-3lastSNdigits of each disk etc.

    What I need to do now is to replace the sda (2tb) - delta with a 4tb disk and after that to replace sde (2tb) epsilon with another drive. Is that easy? I have run the check and sync and everything seems to be okay now. So what I should do first? Can I just copy the snapraid files on another external disk and then swap the old disk with the new ones the copy back the files and run sync check or there is another way to do it?

    I am using all 6 sata ports of the motherboard so if I need to put another disk and do things on old and new raid disk at the same time the new disk must be connected as external..

    Any help would be great!
    Thanks in advance

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