Recycle bin

  • Could someone explain to me how the recycle bin works? I've enabled it and I've been adding/deleting files but I don't see anything in my recycle bin on my Mac but I see that my disk has about 200GB of unaccounted space taken up. When I login into OMV via ssh I can see that there are two folders ".reccycle" and "Network Trash Folder". The "Network Trash Folder" is empty but the ".recycle" folder has all the deleted files.

  • I deleted around 700GB of files, I had the recycle bin enabled, which I cleared later on.
    Now it still shows that the drive uses over 750GB, but all the files that are on there at the moment are only 50GB.
    even after disabling the recycle bin for the specific share and rebooting it still shows used space of files that I can not see.

    nevermind, I had to delete them manually with rm -rf. there were in /sharedfolders/storage/.recycle.

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