project OVM remote share couchpotato sickbeard headphones transmission plex etc

  • Hello,

    I'm using a small server for OVM, OVM is on 8G DOM IDE.
    it has 2 500G sata drives, raid mirror, XFS.
    I also have a WD livebook 1T, that i mounted in OVM with remote share plugin.

    After trial and error, i got CP to dl a movie with transmission, it refused to move it to the remote share.
    so i dl it locally now, and let omv mv the dl'd movies once an hour with a scheduled task.
    it's not as perfect as i wished but it works.

    Now i wanted to do the same with sickrage and headphones, but after installation there is nothing on there webpage.

    Any one has an idea if CP would be able to rename and move to the remote share?
    Can some one tell me how i am supposed to install SickRage and HeadPhones with the plugins?
    Or where to look for what logs?

    If any one can help, much appreciaterd, thanks.

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