WebGUI stopped loading

  • Hi, so I just had to reinstall OMV and I was setting everything up. I installed a couple of plugins and everything was working fine, but then I restarted and I can't get the WebGUI to open. I can access my shares and everything, though. Based on what I read earlier on other threads, it seems like the problem might be with my firewall, but I tried the suggestions in the other threads and that wasn't working for me. I'm not too good with Linux... just tell me what information you need to possibly help me and I'll provide it.


    EDIT: For whatever reason, it now works. I don't know what, out of the things I tried, did the trick. I tested the page after every possible change and it didn't work and then I refreshed the page again on a whim and there it was... sorry to any future people with the same issue.

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