How safe can OMV be with Owncloud ports accessible from Internet

  • Hello,

    I successfully configured OwnCloud in my OMV.
    When I'm at home, my smartphone pictures are automatically uploaded to the NAS.

    Now, I want to be able to do the same whenever I'm out. I know that I would need to forward some ports in my router/firewall to the OMV machine. My question is, even if I use the shttp port (443) how safe would that be? Would debian/OMV/Owncloud be strong enough to avoid attacks?

    The point here is, even if the password is strong and even if using a certificate to connect, the fact that a port is opened inside my LAN could be a security flaw, and could be exploited. I've heard some stories that the simple fact that an SSH sever was secured (higher port, login with certificate, no root login, etc.) but reachable from the internet was enough to get hacked.

    What is your opinion/experience?


  • If you using OwnCloud to access your data from the outside, then open only the required ports for OC.
    And don't open any ports for OMV or other services that you don't need to the outside world.
    Use Fail2Ban and VPN to harden your security.

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