I'll have to virtalize my OMV setup...

  • So, I and my family are moving to a bigger appartment and I'm loosing my dedicated server/gaming-room which is a big closet with a window.
    At the moment, I run OMV on a dedicated Celeron-powered PC with 4 SATA disks in an OMV RAID 5. I really like this setup because I'm rarely required to reboot the system.

    My solution is to buy a small Streacom F12C case and use my gaming components and combine with my 4 disk array and run Windows 10 with OMV under Hyper-V.
    Problem is that, even tho Microsoft promises less reboots, I know my system will have a lot more downtime.

    Is there a better solution to this? I need to save space, keep power usage down, keep estethics and keep the system cool and silent while still being able to host OMV, play some games via HDMI and Moonlight.

    Any help is appreciated.

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