Samba not working

  • After quite a bit of fiddling I have a working NAS or at least one that appears to work. I can log in to the admin system and configure . I have a basic nas which happens to be a raspberry Pi and an external separately powered 1TB hard disk. The hard disk has some small amount of data on it and I can log into the PI with a keyboard or SSH from my laptop and I can see the data.
    My laptop is running ubuntu. When i ask it to scan the network I get the attached screen but clicking on the samba icon ( or any of the others) gets me nowhere ( the ssh asks me for a password and rejects it)
    The disk has two partitions and I have shared the largest where the data are stored. What am I doing wrong?

    BTW the screen grab looks a little odd because there is a menu item from GImp which I used to grab the screen but the main thing I want you to look at is clear.

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