Looking for a DMS solution ( opensource package or commercial )

  • While my OMV 2.x.y runs very stable for some time I now want to experiment with additional SW.

    I'm looking for a Document Management System ( DMS ) .

    Is there an opensource package or commercial SW available which can be run on OMV , in a VM or a docker container on my NAS ?

    Has anyone some experience with such a solution on his NAS / OMV unit ?

  • THX ness, I think Alfresco is not what I'm looking for. Alfresco ECM ( Enterprise Content Management) package seems to be Amazon cloud based ? Has a lot to offer I think I don't need.

    But I will inform me futher on, watch their viedos and tutorials. Maybe the the opensource "Edition" is for me ? !

    I need the DMS as a SOHO application and found meanwhile a DMS solution which can run in a docker cotainer on QNAP and Synology NAS systems, so I think it should be possible to run on OMV too. Checked their videos and for my use it seems very powerful. It's a commercial product with very attractice pricing,

    Server SW is free, each client license costs only 49,- € once, no limits. Only limit is local disk space . :)

    But before I've to learn a lot to handle the docker plugin of OMV , install wheezy and the DSM there and run it in a container. Hope to get some help in my following threads.

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