*.deb packages scattered in /

  • Thank you for the great forum. Please what is causing this:

    $ ls /

  • @The Master you oughta be right.


  • Ahhh I get it thanks to subzero79. Is a mix of your both answers actually!

    What about keeping installed packages? Long habit in rolling Arch; does it give some roll-back possibility as well in Wheezy (with smthg like `dpkg -i /path/to/cache/PKG.deb && apt install -i`)?

  • Yeah I got it (coudn't find a single package in /var/cache/apt though).

    Here comes 02nocache:

    Dir::Cache "";
    Dir::Cache::archives "";

    Please where to set the pkgs cache taken that flashmemory-plugin's installed?
    If it make sense to keep them on such a stable OS as Debian Wheezy but better foresee than repair.

  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I am also having this issue using OMV 2 (and flash memory plugin)

    Can I safely delete the debs

    Here is my output of ls -la /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/

    Can I also go ahead and delete 02nocache ?

    Thanks in advance.

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