We need your help to improve the SMART support of Areca RAID contollers in OMV.

  • @votdev :

    Problem is sort of solved:
    udev rule assigned as number 10 with the following content:

    SUBSYSTEMS=="scsi", ATTRS{vendor}=="Areca ", SYMLINK+="areca"

    and then the following in the smartd.conf, the rest is commented out in standard smartd.conf:
    note: i have 16 port areca 1260ML raidcard in JBOD mode with disks in port 1-8. The Defaul line defines type of testing, the Udev code above creates the appropriate short file (referred to as /dev/sgx in smartmontools) as debian changes the /dev/sgx when adding/removing drives

  • Re,

    since i'm not an developer even a programmer at all - i'll repeat myself:

    Nope, cause i'm to stupid

    I can only provide the plattform/hardware ... sry anyway ... therefore i wrote:

    If you need some special tasks, please contact me.

    Since i have the "Test-NAS" build, which can be (mis-) used for any testing tasks (currently at OMV 4.x), i'm able to test whatever you want, but i need the instructions ...


  • For this issue i will only accept a GIT pull request which implements the feature above completely. It must be tested and should not break existing functionality. After that we will see if it goes into master.

    I have this setup currently working in Debian stretch. And I do assume that this way of configuring smartd.conf will work for all raidcontrollers supported by Smartmontools. ( ref: https://www.smartmontools.org/…upported_RAID-Controllers)

    To fix I need to know if Smartd.conf file is available for editing or locked/controlled from another file.

    EDIT: Possible to add the option in 4.x to manually configure smartd.conf from commandline? as people then can tweak their system as needed? My thought is that people with specific raidcards etc are people with enough skills to edit two configfiles as needed according to a simple guide in the forum. This will solve all challenges for specific usercases and less work to maintain.

  • Could someone please provide the following info for an ARECA device?

    # udevadm info /dev/sd<X> -a
    # ls -alh /sys/block/sd<X>/device/../../..
    # ls -alh /sys/block/sd<X>/device/../../../driver
    # realpath ls -alh /sys/block/sd<X>/device/../../../driver
  • Hello guys,

    after discussing the issue i have after the migration to OMV5 from an OMV4 running installation that my S.M.A.R.T. menu throw me an error (here), i am posting here the result of some commands asked by votdev from my HP Smart Array P822 turned in HBA mode and using JBOD SAS hard drives. From the beginning this adapter is set like that while starting with OMV 4, and i was able to see all my drives connected to it before.

  • votdev there is the result for the commands you asked me to execute, obviously no host1 for the second, but HSPA for the last one :

    root@media:~# realpath /sys/block/sdc
    root@media:~# basename "$(realpath $(realpath /sys/block/sdc)/../../../..)"
    root@media:~# cat /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/proc_name

    Maybe one remark that is important, my HP DL380 G7 has also an embedded HP Smart Array controller, the P410i, and this one is working in hardware mode (there is no way to switch it in pure HBA). Just in case it makes any difference.

  • @votdev

    I am installing an OMV 5.5.1-1 setup to a bare metal machine which has eight SATA drives attached underneath an ARC-1230 controller (five 3TB drives and two 16TB drives). I'd like to offer my services to hopefully obtain the ability to access SMART information from those drives.

    Please let me know if I can offer any assistance.


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