omv 3.0.21 - entered failed state after installing some

  • omv version 3.0.21, fresh installation
    one installation from iso,
    one on a fresh Debian8 with added deb erasmus main

    trying to install:

    • luksencryption 2.1.2
    • letsencrypt 2.3
    • links 3.0

    end always with
    ==> /var/log/daemon.log <==
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth monit[909]: 'omv-engined' process is not running
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth monit[909]: 'omv-engined' trying to restart
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth monit[909]: 'omv-engined' start: /bin/systemctl
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth systemd[1]: openmediavault-engined.service: Supervising process 4193 which is not our child. We'll most likely not notice when it exits.
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth systemd[1]: openmediavault-engined.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a
    Jun 7 08:27:08 corinth systemd[1]: Unit openmediavault-engined.service entered failed state.

    after removing with - apt-get remove x - everything works again

    Most other plugins can be installed without problem, other want 3.0.13 and decline the installation.

    I know its Beta, but i'm Beta too.
    But i want to help - and maybe i can contribute a bit, as have expirience in linux and php

    is there a way to get further information during the install process?
    just some hint how to enable debug or what log file to inspect.

    or should i be patient until release date ?


  • Version 3.0.15+ has a new under the hood feature called datamodels. You can look at github on some of the extras plugin the changes they need. You can start forking plugins an do PR's. At the moment plugin conversion is very slow, So help is more than welcome.
    so atm plugins that are not adapted will not work.

    also any bugs encountered in corr you can report them at

  • i tried to understand the difference between OMV 2.x and 3.x.
    The problem is, that i was no able to find some sort of working example skeleton for OMV 3.0 explaining the datamodel.
    The only thing i noticed, was that my browser was continously polling §(why not websocket?) with rpc.php requests all the time, making it difficult to catch the JSON Objects with interesting data.

    If there is a tutorial to create a sample plugin from scratch for OMV 3.0
    including deb packaging, dataModel with buttons, checkbox and executing shellscripts (php/bash) and so on

    I will be able to help.
    But just digging in not working and not documented code is painful and discouraging.

  • The minidlna plugin is very simple and has the items you asked for.

    omv-engine -df puts the engine in debug mode and is quite easy to debug.

    websockets weren't supported in most browsers when OMV was started. That would be a large change. Plus, it is a NAS. Are you really using the web interface that much that you need to worry about it?

    OMV is documented (although not fully).

    omv 5.5.9 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.3.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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