mod_vroot not compiled?

  • Hi folks,

    im poking around with ftp shares for a while now in 2.2.4 (stone-burner) and I don't get a single shared folder to appear as vroot in /srv/ftp.
    I also already set "previleges" to the according user.

    Is it possible that the module mod_vroot.c is missing in this release?
    proftpd -V shows the following:
    ( I'm not an expert, but shouldn't mod_vroot appear somewhere in this output?)

  • As I understand vroot is virtual, if you go the path in terminal nothing should be there, the aliases appear only upon ftp login.
    The vroot also comes as separate module (package) in wheezy, which is no longer provided by Debian in Jessie. The vroot package in 3.0 comes from Omv repos.
    Cant recall now, but there is a proftpd command to see what modules are loaded.

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