Can't login in WebGUI

  • Hi there, after updating OMV the WebGUI is acting up a bit, everything else seems all fine though.

    First all I got was a blank page, I could resolve that by reinstalling NGINX and disbling apache2.

    Now when I try to login, I get an error message (see attachment)

    If there would be someone who could help me troubleshoot this error, that would be much appreciated.

    thx in advance

  • Thank you for the help, in the meantime I had to install a fresh version of 2.2.5 due to frequent kernel panics.
    This resolved my problem with the GUI, and now everything is fine except for Emby
    When I try to load any movie or video, all I get is a message saying: 'error while playing this video'. If you could help me with that, that'd be awesome.

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