Moving data from SSD to HDD after N period of time

  • Good morning,
    My setup has been working almost flawlessly during the past couple of months, mainly due to the help I received from this forum. Thanks!

    I've got 6 storage HDD's (4x4 & 2x3 TB) in two RAID separate settings. The 4x4's in RAID 5 and the 2x3's in mirror. I download everything to the RAID 5 via NZBGet and, since I haven't been able/had the time to setup SnapRaid, I will have to live with the fact that all disks will spin up every now and then.
    However, I just received a 500 GB SSD which I will set as my download disk and then let Sonarr, CouchPotato, etc, pull files for renaming, etc. to my RAID.

    My idea was to download everything to the SSD disk and, if possible, create a script which moves all files to my RAID 5 every 2 weeks. This would keep my raid from spinning up if I watch my TV-shows/movies within two weeks, right?

    Is this possible and is it a good idea? Would someone do something different? Please share your thoughts with me.

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