HDD not spin down

  • Unfortunately I am unable to spin down my WD RED drives withomv 1.19 on debian wheezy. Both, hd-idle and hdparm, are not able to spin down the drives after the specified time. Even when I force the drive to sleep with hdparm -Y I can hear that it spin down but immediately spin up again! I have never seen this behavior on any drive. What is the problem ?

  • yes :)
    I installed ramlog that improved the situation a lot already. But there is still something that wake up the disk.
    Further troubleshooting with this script returned as cuase for wakeup:

    [28240.442947] md0_raid1(435): WRITE block 3999616 on sda1 (8 sectors)

    Is there a better way to find the reason for the disk spinups?

  • same thing with my installation

    [ 8593.152321] md0_raid1(426): WRITE block 3999616 on sda2 (8 sectors)
    [ 8593.158740] md0_raid1(426): WRITE block 3999616 on sda1 (8 sectors)

    Any new infos?

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