Uploading Photos and Videos from a Camera

  • Just a quick question, I was trying to figure out an easy way to upload photos/videos from my digital camera. I want to plug it into the NAS and then run a script to upload everything onto the NAS, and then I can run snapraid sync command, and then do a USB backup.

    First step, was how to upload the photos plugging into the nas directly. I came across the gphoto2 package. The only problem, it appears not to be the latest version in wheezy (2.4) and there is a really useful change in the latest version (2.5.4 to be accurate) which includes a flag to skip existing files. I would like this, as otherwise I have to start the upload again if it fails.

    So just wondering, how hard is it to get the latest version installed on OMV? Is there a simpler way to do this otherwise? Any help appreciated.

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