Problem with ACL using mounted samba share in OMV as storage for plugins

  • Hi, I installed Remote Shares plugin and were able to mount my old NAS which is samba only in OMV. Now I want to use OMV timemachine plugin and owncloud plugin, and try to select this mounted samba as storage for this plugins, this error comes up

    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; setfacl --recursive --modify default:user:www-data:rwx,user:www-data:rwx -- '/media/065a0973-8eff-4f2a-97bc-ee5a9291a2a5/N4100/' 2>&1': setfacl: /media/065a0973-8eff-4f2a-97bc-ee5a9291a2a5/N4100/: Operation not supported

    Is there any workaround? PC where is openmediavault has only limited space available(32GB), but old NAS which I want to use as storage has more than 4 TB of free capacity.

  • First, owncloud plugin....forget about it. unmaintained and using old version. Is really a no go, I don't know why it hasn't been removed from repos

    The error is obvious because the plugin has an internal configuration that tries to apply and ACL to the owncloud folder which is a remote share were ACL don't apply. So it won't work, it has to be a local folder and with ACL support like ext4,xfs not NTFS or FAT.

    For running a recent owncloud maybe try docker or there a few guides here in the forum to install using a recent version. But as for a plugin forget about it.

    I think time machine should be possible using a remote share and pointing netatalk to that share. I would prefer maybe to use NFS instead of samba.

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