Better Forum Support for English or German Language

  • Is the Support in Englisch or German better 13

    1. German support is better (3) 23%
    2. English support is better (10) 77%

    So hello Community,

    I want to get active in this Forum.
    Shortly to me: I have a little "company" and run a OMV Server for about 2 Yeras now and want to build a new.... but i will start a new theard or search for something.

    Generaly i want to ask if you get better support in English or German?
    Or which Language is used most

    I already searched the Forum and didn´t find a concrete answer to my question and i understand the Theard about people complaining that there are often switches form Englisch to german and back.
    And nor i see a seperation beteween germand and Engish Theards
    My English is a bit rusty, so sorry for the maybe bad grammar :P

    greetings Markus

    Edit: And also a great suggestion of a Moderator: Use Chrome with auto translate and you don´t even notice when some switches languages :thumbup:

  • I would say both are excellent. While Volker and many others are german, not
    many across the globe are proficient readers and writers in german.

    Equally it is my perception that in both languages the help/support/answers are of excellent quality.

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    Personally, I have good luck and bad luck with google translating. Sorry I don't speak german either.

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  • I personally prefer english.
    although google translate exists, it sometimes gives wrong answer
    (and when it comes to german in screenshot, I have no way to translate)
    I think many people more learn english as second language than german

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