[Howto] XBMC-Server on OMV - no GUI, only for MySQL-DB scan

  • It is compiled for Squeeze, I don't know, if it runs on Wheezy too.
    Does it start manually: /opt/xbmc-xerver/path_to_bin? (<- example)
    Look at /opt/xbmc-xerver/portable/userdata/temp for a log

  • xbmc isn't a big fan of VMs.

    omv 5.6.13 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6.2 | kvm plugin 5.1.6
    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • How risky is this? (breaking the omv becaus of..?)
    How future proof is it? (Getting buggy as clients update to newer versions, requiring recompiling?)

    Will replace the xtreamer(has trouble with xjukebox and shares) with a raspbmc.
    If this works well i might replace the popcorn hour aswel.
    Thats where it gets interesting to have a xbmc backend managing the libraries. And if possible skins etc.

    ps how annoying is :


    Known issues:
    - xbmc-server will crash, if you browse the Database with the XBMC-WebGUI


  • Quote from "Komerad"

    How risky is this? (breaking the omv becaus of..?)
    How future proof is it? (Getting buggy as clients update to newer versions, requiring recompiling?)

    It isn't risky, if you have a little CLI and Linux expirience and follow the guide. No one is forced to use xbmc-server with OMVit.

    Quote from "Komerad"

    ps how annoying is :


    It is a known bug. Don't know if it is fixed already, because xbmc-server is no official project from the XBMC-devs

  • of course!
    this/my headless version also access and updates the mysql database.

    the big advantage is, u can set up a cron or a other kind of script from your downloader etc that initiates the scan so you dont have to do it on your (gui) xbmc-client.

    Fo example.
    i use pyLoad as downloader
    when a package has finished
    (0. flexget: automatically adds movies to pyload by rss)
    1. it automatically extracts
    2. detects tvshows or movies
    3. renames with imdb or tvdb name
    4. moves it to specified folder
    5. tells xbmc to scan the folder for new content

    finally turn on my raspberry to see the new content and be happy ;)

  • Aha right an xbmc to share.
    Full automation nice, im at step 5 for the raspberry.
    have step 5 with yamj for the popcorn hour but might replace with a rasp aswel (if the rasp performs well, have thrown some very hq h264 stuff at it it doesn seem to like.)
    Gues friday night will be the night :)

    *edit gona be a long night indeed. Steps done but no web interface.
    Log :

  • Ok its kind of working :

    When i update on the client the movies are stored on the sql server.
    Still a few questions. (almost morning, but its on todo for next weekend.)

    1. Neither client nor server allow to update through the web browser.(only remote, movie lists, play movies etc) anything special on that?
    2. The app(xbmc remote) on the smartphone cant retrieve the movies. remote function still works normal. Is this normal?
    3. If movie paths change (will happen) does an update change the paths then?
    4. How exactly do I perform an update?
    5. Can i set the scraper stuff somewhere so it uses the correct ones?
    6. Is there an editor to rename, rescrape, get artwork etc?
    7. Webgui from the server does not open in ff. Does work in ie.
    8. I have old paths that seem sticky (removed the movie34.db or whatever its called.) i can live with that but i found out that the artwork from those old paths isnt in the sql now. (client has them, server does not.)


  • i can access mz webgui. but only could use the remote to clean/scan database

    1. i run the clean and scan command via command
    2. external database through 8585 doesnt work. known issue
    3. yes as long as u do a clean before u scan. xbmc will recognize that the movie isnt there anymore
    4. code below
    5. scraper is set through the mysql database, i guess
    6. i love filebot for doing that
    7. dont need it. never tried
    8. dunno :)

    Command cleaning

    curl -s -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"VideoLibrary.Clean","id":1}' -H 'content-type: application/json;' http://localhost:8585/jsonrpc?VideoLibrary.Clean

    command scan

    curl -s -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"VideoLibrary.Scan","id":1}' -H 'content-type: application/json;' http://localhost:8585/jsonrpc?VideoLibrary.Scan
  • Updated sickbeard and got hell with it, problem solved.
    With rebooting i stubled upon a minor issue with mysql this locking the xbmc out. Problem solved.

    Now :)

    1. Ok so confirmed scanning/editing through browser does not work. Dont need to look further into it then.
    2. For app I'm using yatse, it looks shit on my very small screen (seems more designed for tablets or at least bigger screens) but it works like a charm.
    3. Detection of moving files : I'm using watchdog addon for this seems to work fine altho i think it does not realy scans on every change when the pi is in screensaver mode.
    4. Thx, might just cron those.
    5. Client updates with its scraper, putting plot into mysql. Wont work like that if i would update from server.
    6. Testing ember, will check filebot too!

    EDIT :

    I have tested openelec. It loaded the library from the mysql, i had no artwork. Cleaned the library and totaly lost it in the process (was trying to get the artwork there.)
    How to do this properly? I mean i can connect but then what? Without breaking it.

  • I switched to a fresh squeeze image in virtualbox but xbmc-server crashes on startup

    19:11:35 T:140337265706912 NOTICE: Running the application...
    19:11:35 T:140337265706912 NOTICE: Starting XBMC Server...
    19:11:35 T:140337265706912 NOTICE: Webserver: Starting...
    19:11:35 T:140337265706912 NOTICE: WebServer: Started the webserver
    19:11:35 T:140337265706912 NOTICE: ES: Starting event server
    19:11:35 T:140336985224960 NOTICE: Thread CEventServer start, auto delete: fal$
    19:11:35 T:140336985224960 NOTICE: ES: Starting UDP Event server on$
    19:11:35 T:140336985224960 NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777
    19:11:35 T:140336976832256 NOTICE: Thread CTCPServer start, auto delete: false

  • Hi Gutz-Pilz,

    can you please provide me your compiled version?
    As i use two raspPi's with NFS to stream my media.

    I use openelec (3.2.4 / Frodo 12.2).


  • Simply create the mysql db for xbmc. Nothing more that you need to do to get it running.


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  • Quote from "davidh2k"

    Simply create the mysql db for xbmc. Nothing more that you need to do to get it running.


    I missed the part where you supposed to use % (variable) in host. I don't know if this is the correct way, but it works since 0.4 :)

    Thank You.

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