No Playback with Emby - Plex works

  • Hi Guys,

    atm i am trying to get Emby working. The problems is: All files occur in the library, but neither mp3s nor movies are able to be played. When clicking on play, the playback-controls at the bottom are appearing, but the playback-time ist stuck at 0:00. Pictures are working fine. So i guess it is not a permission-issue (in Plex works well with the same files...but cause of the lac of access control and accessibility via VPN, i would like to stick to Emby)?
    I tried it in different browsers (Chrome, Edge an Chrome on android) and in the android app. Same behavior.

    The installation process:
    - OMV is running in VMWare
    - Created a New user
    - creation of a new folder in Acces Control -> Folders (Zugriffskontrolle -> Freigegebene Ordner; sorry, I don't know how the options are called in English)
    - Gave the user access to the newly created folder via privileges (Privilegien)
    - Copied a few files/ directories via Samba in the folder

    - installed ffmpeg via apt-get
    - installed Emby via plugin-manager
    - rebooted the machine
    - started Emby

    I have attached some logfiles from the Emby-page...if you need more, tell me!

    I would appreciate your help :)


    Mahlzeit Zusammen,

    gerade versuche ich etwas verzweifelt, Emby zum laufen zu bringen. Das Problem: Emby weigert sich, jegliche Musik- oder Filmdateien abzuspielen. Bilder funktionieren. Soll ein Lied abgespielt werden, erscheint zwar die Wiedergabeleiste unten, die Zeit hängt aber bei 0:00. Plex kann die selben MP3s problemlos abspielen. Verschiedene browser zeigen das selbe Verhalten, sogar die Android-App.
    (bei Bedarf übersetze ich natürlich auch noch, was ich zum Installationsprozess geschrieben habe ;))

    Log files:

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