Pls. hlp - Cannot access samba share from windows 10 and ubuntu

  • Hello,

    I wanted to acess a smb share on omv with my windows 10 laptop. The share appears like all the other shares from other NAS system, but whenever I want to access it I get the message that I do not have the rights to access the share. What can I do? User and password I use in OMV are definitely the same I put in in windows. What else could be a cause for that issue? Thanks a lot for any help! <X

  • I'm not sure if this will help.

    Control Panel > User accounts > manage your credentials > windows credentials. Then click add windows credentials and add the nas of your OMV NAS (e.g. \\OMV) and put in the username and password of the account you have set up on open media vault.

  • I have done the following now:

    1.) New system setup omv 3.0.35

    2.) Share is found from my windows machine and from my linux machine (ubuntu), but I cannot access it with both systems...

    Any idea is highly appreciated!!!

  • System info:

    Target: Set up a Backup station for my QNAP NAS, Access Share from Windows and Linux PC (Windows PC already has access to several working smb shares from QNAP, Dreambox, Fritzbox, Epson Printer ...

    Network: Private network, no speciality, Fritz Box as router

    Hardware for OMV: Raspi II, HDD 2 TB connected via USB Hub, Network access via switch

    I dont know what else could be important, pls let me know!

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