Newbie need your help please => Odroid XU4 + Anker USB 3.0 Hub + 4pcs. USB HDD´s => automatically unmount?

  • Hello Guys

    I need your help please.
    I'm a newbie in LINUX, Odroid and OMV and I have the following Problem (and a german Speaker - sorry for my poor english):

    Actually a NAS is running based on a Odroid XU4 + USB 3.0 Hub from Anker + 4 PCs. USB 3.0 HDD portable in my flat (OMV as OS).
    And i have the Problem, that the OS loose the connections to the USB Harddisks automatically.

    I have tested the installation with a second USB Hub to reduce the failer load of the power supply but without a positiv result.

    If Odroid lose it i must restart the System without any HDD and USB Hubs on the Odroid.
    Then, if I'm lucky, i can put the USB Hubs in the USB-Ports of the Board and then the HDDs in the Hubs.
    But this way works not always and i don't now why.

    Do you have any ideas which Problem this could be?

    If you Need any log files or other things, please send me the exact codes what i must Input to get it because I'm new in the LINUX-world.


    Kind regards,

    PS: To ADMIN => I hope this is the right section for this Kind of request? If not please Transfer it to the right one. Thank you.

  • Why are you using the XU4 and not the C2? The C2 has enough internal usb ports. They are only 2.0 but is not the ports holding you back. Even the faster XU4 is not fast enough for the ports. Oh, and if you want to build a fast NAS, you must stay away from such underpowered boards. Get something decent!

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  • Fully disagree. First he has 4 disks and the USB3 means that the bus is enough to handle the traffic of 4 hdds. Second Gigabit+USB3 even if they are not share the same bus means a good implementation. Third you don't know exactly was are his expectations. If is going to be just a NAS is more than enough. Even for Plex some people with the XU4 has to say that is working. People are happy even with BananaPI. Everything is what you are going to be run on the NAS additionally with a simple sharing.
    If he is planning to run VMs and other heavy staff yes in this case not good choice at all.

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