permissions of recyclebin features

  • Hi,

    I've set up a windows share for multi user access with defined Acl using the webui.

    I've also ticked the "use a trash/recyclebin" option in the share.

    I've also ticked the "inherit acl" option and the multi user one, to keep my Acl working.

    All the rights i've set were working really nice so far until it comes to this ./recycle bin.

    Typically i've created an admin user owning everything in the share with RWX + a group lets call it "TRASHMEMBERS" owning this recycle bin with RWX, while its only WX for others. (dont want people to access certain files but still want them to be able to delete and send it to the recycle bin)

    What's happening so far is the user who deletes a file that he created, then automatically get the ownership of his file and it become impossible for the groupmembers of "TRASHMEMBERS" to delete it/recover it even though they have every rights on the parent folder (recyclebin).

    Also i tried to desactivate the treelike (keeptree = yes) in smb.conf and setting it with "no" doesnt change anything.

    Btw it seems the /etc/samba/smb.conf file is getting overwritten after any webui change/restart.

    Here's is a look at the smb.conf :

    So lets say i have user "admin" owner of everyfiles, group "TRASHMEMBERS" owning the ./recycle directory, if my user John deletes a file, it's actually going in the ./recycle directory as : owner = John, groupowner = users and that sucks :S

    Any help pls?

  • I still can't get the vfs:recycle attributes to work.

    However I've changed my mind and set up
    create share = 0773
    directory mask = 0773
    force directory mode = 0773

    in smb.conf for every shares with a recycle.bin, and use o=rwx on the .recycle/ directory allowing anybody to undelete their own mistake without accessing other's folders in the .recycle bin.

    My issue now is that OMV config somewhere seems to erase those parameters to default one (0755 for the 3 above) upon specific actions (like removing/adding a share to SMB/CIFS in GUI). Is there a way to prevent this ? Is there a file to force my settings and be sure this wont be replaced in any way ? Because with 0755 it would allow people to actually see a lot of stuff in the recycle.bin feature and maybe some they dont deserve to.

    Help appreciated. <3

  • I went a bit deeper and found a file 20shares in /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/samba.d/

    I think I could write my own settings there but is it safe to do ?

    Would it solve my problem ?

    Can't wait to read you. Thanks.

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