panic / segfault on boot

  • Hey,

    I'm new to OMV and not really a Linux expert, so maybe someone can help me.
    I shutdown my server (3.0.40) at midnight by using the AutoShutdown plugin and as soon as the device is getting rebootet by rtc/wol ini the morning, I'll receive this:

    Can somebody point me in the right direction?

  • Already read that post without finding a solution, thanks.

    Everything is working well, it's only the mail at the boot.
    I've noticed that this error is triggered at the shutdown. Could it be that connected smb users will cause the problem?

  • Having the same issue here since I updated to OMV 3 just yesterday. Besides this, everything seems fine so far.

    A few minutes ago, I removed the current config and generated a new one with omv-mkconfig samba. So far no error with clients connected, but I have to retest without clients this evening...

    Edit: Nope, false alarm...error also persists with clients connected and config regenerated...

    Any way to "safely" but completely purge samba with all associated stuff and regenerate the omv-configs?

    Edit2: Ok, maybe I fixed it somehow, now I got 3-4 reboots and shutdowns without the panic...Steps included reinstalling samba and fixing an issue with my nut-client for remote UPS on the way...I also regenerated the smb.conf once again....I will report back if the panic keeps popping up the next days...

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